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Plenty of takers for last time's quiz about the origins of "avocado", some of which were correct, some amusing, and some both.

A law unto itself )

Stout Cortez )

(Aside on moles) )

'Nads entertainment )

Next: curry favour )

Edited to add: NB the "curry" part is the easy part, and is not the reason why I said it was very peculiar. The "favour" part is the tricky and surprising bit.

1 Apparently, it's a berry.
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Last time we asked for stories about the etymology of the word "sirloin".

A Hard Day's Knight )

French Leave )

All Aboard the Skylark )

Next: Avocado )

1 Here's a diagram showing it -- it's the bright green bit.
2 See here for an insanely complicated discussion of the differences between US, Canadian and French cuts in this region of the cow.
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Well, we had a lot of good suggestions for the etymology of the word "posh".

Port Out Starboard Home )

Exploded )

Not shoddy? )

Half measures )

Next: sirloin )
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I was thinking about starting off a new series of posts relating to Mo's Rather Interesting World of Exploded Folk Etymologies. The idea is that it will reveal the true origins of popular words and phrases which we generally think we know where they come from, but are wrong.

Unlike MRIWFSORD, this will be more of an interactive thing. So for this first one, I want you to say in a comment what you think is the origin of the word "posh". No looking it up, just off the top of your head. Or if you know of a theory but also know or believe it to be wrong, then say that and you can look clever. Or indeed if you'd like to invent a theory now for entertainment purposes, go for it.


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