Mar. 8th, 2006 02:58 pm
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I raved last year about how convenient and reasonable Bonusprint's online development service was. Just sent off the ones from the (now not so) recent India trip, and was surprised to find that their pricing policy is more generous than I had expected. I was doing more than 250, so the price was 5p per print, but I hadn't realized this applies to all of them, not just to those beyond 250 -- so it's eg. actually cheaper in total to do 250 than 180.

OK, this is a very small thing, but it made my little world happy for a moment.
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OK, back and now mostly over nasty cold and work catch-up that ensued. Details )

Anyway, that's all a bit parochial, but my dazzling insights and musings about India are a bit formless still, so will have to wait. Now to try and get ready for Christmas I suppose!
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Right, I'm off to India in a few hours, with T, my dad, two sisters, two brothers-in-law (one common-law) and five nephews aged between 2 and 11. There to meet with of the order of fifty Indian relatives and celebrate my dad's 80th birthday (which isn't actually til mid-January, but there you go) during the course of a rather flying 10-day visit. Should be fun! -- first visit to India for T, and it'll be nice to get a bit of warmth.

When I get back I don't think I'll have the time / patience to read through several thousand friends-page entries, so please do email me as well if there's anything important you'd like me to know. (Unfortunately I'll have no option but to read through several thousand emails, but at least they'll be spam-filtered.)

We're back on the 19th, so I won't wish people a happy Christmas just yet, but do have a very merry mid-December!


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