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If you open our fridge and larder doors you will see jars of:
  • beetroot relish
  • green tomato chutney
  • bramble jelly
  • plum jam
  • clementine marmalade
  • ordinary marmalade
  • marrow chutney
all made by my own not-so-fair hands during the course of this year. My sister V said admiringly "You're quite the little Chutney Mary!" but actually I'm not altogether sure I like that epithet.

Not only that, but I spent yesterday (and most of Wednesday) laying a new bamboo laminate floor in the conservatory. Which now looks rather nice I think.

On a less self-aggrandizing note, Beavers blamed for likely bank failure. Now we know!

This is a pretty good visual aggregator of the various US Presidential opinion polls, showing how each state will likely contribute to the electoral college picture. Clever bit of design, via the excellent [livejournal.com profile] info_sthetics as usual.

And St Peter's Brewery have some more discount deals on. Get in there, Boozy, you're late for your autumnal drunkening!
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I have no sense at all for colours that go together (as a few of you have kindly reminded me in the past...), so I'm hoping some of the less taste-challenged among you may be able to help me with a colour choice.

Sur le tapis )

Any thoughts?
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I need to get a new cordless drill, as T's sister and b-i-l seem to have mysteriously turned their borrowing of ours into a permanent arrangement. Not a market I know much about, and superficially similar drills vary wildly in price. Any recommends / disrecommends?
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Am I right in thinking that there's a recent law / regulation saying that electrical work in your house now has to be done by a proper electrician?

If so, and it wasn't just a bad dream, does anybody know what it covers? -- presumably you're still allowed to change a plug yourself, but eg. I want to remove two ceiling spotlights and replace them with pendant fittings, could I still do that?
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I never thought I would be the sort of person who would for pleasure browse through the Screwfix catalogue. Yet I've just spent a happy half-hour doing exactly that. And thinking "What could I do with a biscuit jointer?" etc.

I've been quite restrained, though, and only actually bought the garden shredder (which is what I was supposed to be getting) plus a hasp and staple for the shed door, a new #1 Philips screwdriver (mine is worn), a circuit tester, and some light bulbs for the kitchen*. How long before I'm back again, though? It's worse than Amazon -- at least, there, guilt of self-indulgence sometimes holds me back from excess, but on Screwfix all these things are notionally useful.

* NB [livejournal.com profile] waistcoatmark -- re earlier discussion, yes, one of ours has failed already.


May. 9th, 2006 11:44 am
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Any of you up on antiquated wiring systems relating to ceiling lighting?

What I have coming out of the ceiling is three black wires, two of which are twisted together, and an earth. But how can I tell which is the live and which is the neutral?


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